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🌿 Planter Box Façade Design | Vertical Garden

With the high population density of cities and voracious appetite of the market for every square meter, it is not uncommon for urban vegetation to be forgotten. For this reason, forests, vegetable gardens, and vertical gardens have aroused much interest and figured into a variety of different innovative proposals. Using the vertical plane to maintain plants in an urban setting is a coherent and common-sense solution, especially when there is little possibility of bringing green to the level of the people on the streets.

The Planter Box Building is a physical representation of the lifestyle. Such custom made irrigation system is interconnected between the planter boxes that stores and recycles nutritious resources and rainwater within the land. It also allows full and precise manipulation of the planter box from the soil composition to the level of water being supplied to each individual planter box.

In this design, I used curtain panel patterns and a few tools in the massing and pattern based environment to create unique building exteriors. Working in these two environments is a great way to experiment with form generation during the conceptual phase of the design process. It’s also as easy way to take a basic form or concept and develop the design three-dimensionally.

Using curtain panels for more than just glass panel curtain walls to create unique and innovative building exteriors with just a few steps. Finally, using adaptive points to create flexible geometry that can apply to wide range of forms.

The design with its cascading Corten planter boxes occupied with many types of plants on every floor, creates a strong visual contrast with the surrounding buildings. Its recessed frontage provides additional public spaces for inter-neighborhood interaction.

This project serves as a valuable opportunity and experience not only for the user to learn about farming, but also for the surrounding community. The life of the building is expected to be continually improved, developed and grows organically along with the surrounding context.

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