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VinFast Global Showroom Design Competition 2021(VFDC)

Project Name: VinFast Global Showroom

Building surface: 600 m2

Program: Car Showroom

Architect: Besan I.Abu Dayah

Site Dimensions: Front: 30 m / Depth: 20 m

Building Height: 15 m

Clear Height: 14 m

VinFast Global Showroom aims to guide store visitors towards a new experience aimed at discovering the VinFast Brand and its Smart Car Models, while the new interior design becomes a reflection of the brand’s renewed corporate identity. Which excellent showroom design idea that it can be used globally, to showcase VinFast smart car models in international markets.

The principal glazed façade facing the central square floods the display areas inside with natural light. Lined with trees that add greenery to the perimeter, the glazed façade to the rear allows light into space and dematerializes the boundary between the inside and the outside.

In the cities’ iconic urban centers, the new showroom establishes a quietly sculptural presence at the heart of any city. It forms a new social focus for a city and an inviting backdrop for the city’s famous New Year celebrations and numerous other annual festivities.

A beautifully crafted two-story V sculpture, which Indicates the Logo of the company, functions as structural support as well.

Its form has been generated as an organic tree-like structure of the sculptural roof that is easily recognizable from a great distance. 600 sqm of roof surface extend at a height of 10 meters.

The design of “VINFAST” Global Showroom is about removing boundaries between inside and outside, reviving important urban connections within any city where it is located. it gives a dynamic new arena that flows effortlessly down to space.”

The design inspiration for the VinFast showroom is in all styling aspects a shaped volume like the Vietnamese smart car body lines itself. The construction of the building closely follows the architectural styling.

Taking into consideration the principles of Mass-Customization and the production processes guarantee that the quality, precision, and costs are close to standard.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester (GFRP) were chosen as ideal cladding materials for the V sculpture, as they allow for the powerful plasticity of the building’s design while responding to very different functional demands related to a variety of situations.

A carefully crafted edge detail on each slat allows air to be extracted out through the central structure with an absorptive acoustic backing layer.

Grounded at its structure, the circular roof projects out (10 meters) to provide shade to the glazed façade. Blurring the boundaries between the inside and the outside, the glazed façade dematerializes to reveal the calm interiors of the showroom.

The design aims to focus on the main design & structural element in the space, which is the silver bluish V sculpture, by using simple furniture design & wide open space, all in white, which promoting the whole design look and enhances the welcoming element, while hiding all other facilities behind a huge media screen.

The V shape Sculpture, created from a tree growth algorithm. The tree-like carved sculpture was statically optimized with a Parametric Analysis method to arrive at a minimal deployment of steel.

The result was nicely carved surfaces, which depict the distribution of forces of the structural framework. Unity of form and structure.

The design also features a unique structural system; a Special Truss Moment Frame is designed to effectively resist seismic forces while allowing large column-free interior spaces.

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